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I wish that I NEVER MET YOU, but then I GLAD I MET YOU :'(
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 | 08:03 | 0 hearts♥

guys, did you saw that picture? I sure you did right. wanna know who is he? okay, I told you. he's one of the boy that ever stole my heart and he won't give 'it' back to me. I mean EX-BOYFRIEND. and his name is Aprilecent :) he just one of my past memory that I may hard to forget. but, I have to. because like people said "life must go on" right? now, I'm happy with my Dyeo.

dear April:

hey you, what's up there? I hope you just doing fine there. and I hope you read this post. because there are things you should know that I did not had chance to tell you. it's been a year kan we didn't contact each other since both of us broke up? kau pun balik sarawak sudah pgi sambung belajar. and now, I'm form 5. and I will be sitting my SPM this year. I wish you didn't forget about that kan? kalau lupa, tumbuk kau sana. haha. joke. hmm.. sometimes, I wish that I NEVER MET YOU APRIL :( you know why? because then there would be no need to impress you. no need to want you. no need for loving you. no need for crying over you. no need for heartbreaks. no need for pains or tears. no need to forgotten promises. no need for rejected hugs. no. no need for acting like you care when you're not. just because of that, I wish I never met you. but then again, I'M GLAD I DID MET YOU APRIL :) cause you were the one who always asked me if there anything wrong. you were the one who loved me for me. you were the one who cared when everyone else didn't. you were the one who listened all my stories and problems. you were the one who stayed up late just to talk about the randomest shit ever. haha. you were the one who I told my secrets too. the one who taught me new things. the one who laughed at my jokes. the one who keep makes me laugh out loud until my stomach are hurt. and the one who did things, just for me. last from me, thanks a lot ya for everything that you had done for me. I appreciate it. even thought we already broke up, please remember one thing- you're still my best buddy. hihi. take care there dude. sy tau mau habis sudah kau belajar sana kan? tidak lama kau pulang sabah sudah. hihi. okay lah, that's all. nangis nanti sy kalau cerita semua. wuakakaka! byebye~

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