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Sunday, 29 January 2012 | 06:19 | 0 hearts♥
dear, this post is for you. I'm being honest here. I hope you read this :)

dear Dyeo,

where do I start? I wish I could tell you how much I love you with all my heart. you're thousands of miles away from me and I would walk there this very instant to just see your perfect smile. it's been a long time since we've talked and I miss you so much baby. I miss the moment when we're together and everything we had. I know I acted mad and dumb while we were going out but so did you. if I could turn back time, I would make things right. I heard some stuff and I let that get to my head. I wasn't mature enough back then to go up to you and talk things out with you. instead I acted like a little girl by ignoring you when you would try to talk to me. I'M SORRY FOR HURTING YOU SAYANG :(  well, I don't know if you care now or if you've lost feelings for me... I don't know how you feel. my feelings for you are still the same and memories don't erase, they stay with me. I know there's too many mistakes that I've done with you. but, I didn't meant it dear. banyak kali hunn cakap word 'break' tu, dear tetap tidak mau kasih lepas hunn. kenapa dear? kenapa? hunn tidak mau dear sakit hati and sedih seja bha. hunn tidak sanggup tengok dear fikir pasal hunn seja. hunn kesian dengar dear. everytime I do something that you don't like, dear just diam seja. and dear senyum. hunn tau behind you smile there some-thing hidden that I don't know. kenapa dear tidak terus terang seja? everytime dear tegur, then hunn get up set tu bukan sebab hunn tidak suka dear tegur. maybe time tu hunn not in mood. dear tau juga kan gaya hunn macam mana kalau tiada mood? hunn suka dear tegur hunn kalau hunn ada salah. dear pernah cakap "no matter what happen between us, I promise, I won't let you go baby." naa, terharunya hunn dengar tu sampai hunn nangis dear cakap gitu. dear tau kan hati hunn ne macam mana? hunn tidak tahan dengan benda2 begitu. hati hunn cepat menangis. tau ka, hunn sayang dear bha, now I realize what my friend's ever told me before, that it's true: "you really don't ever know what you've got till you lose it." if I lost you and if there was any way I could talk to you again I would, but you seem to have forgotten about me and you'll probably never read this, but this how I feel and I miss you much dear. please forgive me. and stay with me. 


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