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Wednesday, 7 December 2011 | 08:23 | 0 hearts♥


since two weeks ago, when we texting and on call, he always say 'BABY, I MISS YOU. I WANNA MEET YOU :('. oh boo~ I miss you than you do bha. I wanna meet you too. every time he said like that, gosh! I'm sad and sometimes I cry. why? because I miss him too much, miss him so bad. sometimes I feel like I can't do anything just because I miss him. tiada semangat okay kalau terlampau rindu sama orang yang kita sayang. lebih2 lagi kalau orang tu jauh dari kita. sengsara bha tahan rindu :/ sakit rasa dia. pernah kamu rasa apa yang sy rasa? thats what I feel when every time I miss him. ergh! but, never mind. long distance relationship and being apart didn't mean that we can't care, remember, miss and love each other. I trust that. the power of love always will protect two person who loves each other, an example, like us. hee :D here I tell you a little bit about him. but promise me don't tell anybody okay? it's our secret. haha. he have AWESOME KISS that can make me crazy! he got a CUTE SMILE that make me always miss him and SEXY VOICE that can kills me. he have two ATTRACTIVE eyes that can make me melt when i'm look into his eyes. he always be there for me. he never leave me alone. even sometimes we get into fight, he always find way how to make me smile again. he never give up to make me happy. he never tired do all of that thing. dear romeo, there's a lot things I miss about you :'( I miss the way you hold my hand. I miss your laugh. I miss the way you kiss me. I miss you when you kiss my forehead and hugging me tightly like you don't wanna let me go. that is the sweetest thing you ever do to me. I feel so safe and so conform when I'm in your arms. memang sekarang masa tidak mengizinkan kita untuk jumpa, tapi sabar sajalah. ada masa jumpa juga tu. one thing I want him know that, I do love him so much. I appreciate what he've done for me and for our relationship. dear, thanks for everything sayang. I love you so much.

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